04.07.2019 - Conceptualizing the Role of Expectations in Historical Transformations

Campus Altes AKH, Hof 1.1

Jelača, Dijana/Lugarić, Danijela (2018): Introduction. The “Radiant Future” of Spatial and Temporal Dis/Orientations, in: Bailyn, John Frederick/Jelača, Dijana/Lugarić, Danijela (eds.): The Future of (Post)Socialism. Eastern European Perspectives. New York: SUNY Press, pp. 1-16;

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31.10.2019, 12.30 pm - Jour fixe (tba)
21.11.2019, 12.30 pm - Jour fixe (tba)
19.12.2019, 12.30 pm - Jour fixe (tba)


11.10.2019 - Internal Workshop "The Role of Expectations in Historical Transformations"

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28.-29.11.2019 - RECET Annual Conference "Lost in Expectation. What Happened to the Futures of 1989?"

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