Dr. János Mátyás Kovács

Spitalgasse 2/Hof 1.11
1090 Wien 

E-Mail: janos.kovacs@univie.ac.at

Phone: +43-1-4277-41138

Dr. János Mátyás Kovács graduated at the Karl Marx University of Economics, Budapest in 1973, and became a research fellow at the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. In 1987, he moved to Vienna, and worked as a permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) between 1991 and 2018 while remaining an external research fellow of the Institute of Economics until 2014. Since 2009, he has taught history of economic thought at the Department of Economics, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Kovács joined RECET in 2019.

Research interests
•    History of Economic Thought in Eastern Europe
•    History of Communist Economies
•    Political Economy of New Capitalism in Eastern Europe
•    Economic Cultures after Communism
•    Institutional Economics

Current research project
Economic Collectivism: Old and New. Lessons from the Communist and Post-Communist Experience

This project is part of the research program “Between Bukharin and Balcerowicz: A Comparative History of Economic Thought under Communism” (www.triple-b-project.net). The program covers the history of economic ideas in nine countries: Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, GDR, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. The research results are published by Rowman and Littlefield in its Lexington Books series Revisiting Communism: Collectivist Economic Thought in Historical Perspective. Following the 2018 publication of a comparative volume on the evolution of ownership concepts under communism, the participants of the “collectivism” project will produce two other volumes (on the concepts of central planning and market socialism) in 2019/2021, and organize an international conference on varieties of “new collectivism” in 2020.

Selected recent publications
(ed) Populating No Man’s Land. Economic Concepts of Ownership Under Communism, Rowman and Littlefield, 2018
From Two to One and Only? Theorizing ownership in communist Hungary. In: J.M. Kovacs (ed), Populating … 2018
(ed) Brave New Hungary. Mapping the “System of National Cooperation” (co-editor Balazs Trencsenyi), Rowman and Littlefield, 2019 (forthcoming)
Orban’s Right Hand Thinks. On the Sources of György Matolcsy’s Economic Vision. In: J.M. Kovacs and Balazs Trencsenyi (eds), Brave New Hungary... (forthcoming)