Mag. Joanna Rozmus, BA

DK Galizien
Spitalgasse 2/Hof 1.11
1090 Wien




PhD candidate and research assistant in the interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Austrian Galicia and Its Multicultural Heritage, supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) for Social Sciences at the University of Vienna.
Current Research Project
The PhD project Lost in Transformation? Spatial Restructuration and Everyday Life in Rural Southern Poland, 1991-2004 focuses on the socio-economic restructuration of former state farm land in Poland in the course of transformation processes since 1991. The question I raise in my thesis is how spatial changes, provoked by radical shifts in political economy, relate to people’s everyday life microcosm in the countryside and how a rural society carries out massive economic and political change in everyday life in such a short time. The nation-wide liquidation of state farms, the restoration of private property rights and the inflow of foreign investments entailed enormous change with diverse territorial impact. In order to explore the impact of spatial restructuration, I take Paczółtowice, an average Southern Polish village, as example for a radical and diametrically opposed restructuration of former state farm land from an agricultural space to a recreational space of business meetings and international sports tournaments (Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club, designed by a Californian golf course architect). I apply the method of Oral History and trace the process of changes in everyday life mainly by referring to interviews with the villagers and people/institutions involved in the spatial restructuration of Paczółtowice.

Research Interests
Post-Socialist Transformations, Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies, History of Everyday Life and Mentality of Rural Societies in East Central and East Europe, History of Migration