Lukas Becht, M.A.

Spitalgasse 2/Hof 1.11
1090 Wien



The research project (Ph.D.) “From ‘perspective planning’ to ‘strategic adjustment’. Polish Future Research in the transformation from state-socialism to market economy, 1980-2000” asks, what has happened to the “future” as a frame of reference for anticipation and political control after the fall of the state-socialist regime of central planning. It studies the history of knowledge produced by and circulated within the scholarly discourse of scientific future research in Poland, which was established in the People’s Republic in 1969 and functions until today, albeit under different circumstances. Thanks to an agreement between both universities (“Cotutelle”), the project is situated at the IOG and LMU Munich’s Department of History at the same time.

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The Research Project was funded by LMU Munich’s Institutional Strategy LMUexcellent within the framework of the German Excellence Initiative.

Research interests:
History of scientific forecasting, history of knowledge and political ideas, Polish politics since 1989, time and politics.

"From Euphoria to Frustration. Institutionalizing Prognostic Research in the People’s Republic of Poland 1969-76", in: Acta Polonica Historiae (forthcoming).
"Handlung und System", in: Gisela Riescher (ed.): Spannungsfelder der politischen Theorie, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer 2014, p. 98-111.